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All About Epf Agents

Hey Elite Agents,

Today I Will Tell You More About Your Advantages, Equipments And Actually – Everything You Need To Know! Now For The First, You Need To Know What Elite Penguin Force Really Is. Let’s Began Tour With History…

“Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force Was Released On Somewhere About 2009. It Was A Regular Game For DS With Nothing Except A Room On Club Penguin Online. They Had Nothing In common, Well Almost Nothing! You Could Transfer Coins To Your Online Character Or Upload Missions Via Online To Your DS. It Was Fun Game To Play, But Not Tricky And Could Get Boring. Now For EPF, It’s Even More Secret Agency Than PSA. It Does All The “Dirty Job”. On Mission 11 – The Veggie Villain. Gary The Gadget Guy Revealed The EPF To You On The Mission After PSA Destroyed. Started Golden Season Of EPF…”

Liked The Story? :] Now After PSA Destroyed Among With Sport Shop, Club Penguin Didn’t Remove Sport Shop, But Replaced It With Everyday Phoning Facility. That Of Course Was Cover For EPF’s HeadQuarters. To Become Elite Penguin Agent, You Must Complete “The Test” On The Everyday Phoning Facility. Click Here To Learn The Test! Now After You Became An EPF Agent, You Will Get SpyPhone! Now Let’s Talk About Equipments For Elite Agents.

“There Has Released A New EPF Game For DS Called Elite Penguin Force: Herbert’s Revenge! The Game Is Finally Continuing Stories Of The Island Since EPF Is Now Taking Over. But In The Game, As Last Time, You’ll Get A Code. The Code Will Get You 3 Special Equipments.”

1. SpyPhone, Regular One That You Get By Taking The Test.
2. An Elite Puffle Whistle, Only Members Can Whistle. It’s An Exclusive Whistle And You’ll Bring Your Elite Puffles With You With Special Dance, Now Available Only Flare, The Blacky.
3. Special Suit For EPF Agents, It’s A Suit To Use On With Your Penguins. Anyone Can Wear It – It’s An Unlock Item Not Membership!

Now Those Are One Good Equipments! Wish I’d Have One And Be A Member… Smallfry12 Bought The Game And Got The Code Which He Unlocked. Here’s A View Of The Items You’ll Get.

Those Look Good, I Really Think The Ones Who Got The Game Will Enjoy It 100%! If Not, I Can Have Your Copy x] Now Also, I Wanted To Show You A Picture Of The Elite Puffle Whistle, Take A Look!

Unfortunately It Seems There’s Only One Elite Puffle And It Is Flare! Now I Think This Is Enough All About For You, Don’t You Think? Yea You’re Enough Wise To Let Be An Agent In Elite Penguin Force ;D Pop A Comment!

– Cp41cool5 And Nomaris13 –



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